Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fresh Fruits

Ahh....summer. Don't you just love all the fresh fruits now? We do. I picked up a lot of it at Publix this weekend. I couldn't remember all the tricks/tips. I had to come home and look them up on the Internet (Mommy brain - sigh).
So in case I am not the only one struggling to remember what I should hear when I thump the melons - here are a few tricks/tips for picking up some yummy fresh fruit. There are many - but I am only listing a few of our favorites.

Blueberries - don't wash them all up when you buy them. Wash just before you eat them.
Cantaloupes - look for a thick course, corky netting covering the skin. A ripe cantaloupe has a yellowish rind, and gives slightly to thumb pressure on the non-stem end. If it is not fully ripe when you buy it, leave it on the counter at home until it is ripens and refrigerate after cutting it.
Honey Dew Melon - look for a spft, velvety texture, slightly softening at the blossom end, a faint fruit smell and a yellowish, creamy rind color.
Peaches - look for firm or fairly soft. Look for areas of yellow or at least creamy between the red areas. The amount of red blush does not indicate ripeness. Ripen additionaly at home in a paper bag and then refrigerate.
Watermelons - look for a smooth, slightly dull surface.The ends should be filled out and rounded and the "belly" should have a creamy color. Store in the refrigerator before and after cutting.

These are just a few of our favorites - click http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G1-20630890.html for more.

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