Saturday, July 19, 2008

Catching Up

Just so you know, I am still working on getting that insane lemonade funk off my floor. I must admit I haven't tackled it in the last few days whereas things have been crazy but it is my mission to get it off this AM or tomorrow afternoon. We are heading out to the Lake House in a few hours. Bug and his Daddy are outside doing something. So, I am running around crazy trying to cram some of my work into this little window of "alone time". I can get so much more accomplished when I am in the house alone. Oh well, you all know that.
Congratulations to good friends - Alice and Terry - God gave them a beautiful (haven't seen him yet but I know he is!) baby boy - Chandler - yesterday. I will wait and go see them after they get home and get settled. I would love to go see them at the hospital but I am sure it is a little early in the morning for company today....they might throw something at me if rolled up in there right now. I know I would - hee hee hee!!
Today is supposed to be around 100 degrees - YESH! Good thing we are taking the boat so we can stay in the water.
Well, I need to change sheets and do some more cleaning. I'll put up some pictures after the weekend. You know me - lazy blogger - I'll probably post them Monday or Tuesday.
Anywho, tah tah for now!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Chick-fil-A Lemonade - WARNING

OK folks, here is a little tip for you. If you E-V-E-R drop a kid's cup of Chick-fil-A lemonade on your ceramic tile floor - don't try to clean it up. Simply collect all your valuables out of your home and thump a match on the place. It will eliminate much time and aggravation. I have cleaned my floor now 6 times and there are still places were my feet stick to it. I will also purchase a new mop head. I have Chick-fil-A lemonade embedded in the one I have now. I am pretty confident that is the case whereas moppings #2 and #3 merely smeared new sticky spots around the floor where lemonade was not originally spilled. So that leaves the fact that moppings #4, #5 and #6 were done on hands and knees - UGH!
Trust me, strike the match and call your insurance company. I would imagine it is not considered arson but a necessary action to completely eliminate the lemonade residue.

Georgia Moomba Jamboree

Sorry - just getting around to posting today. We had a great time this weekend. Bug did very well considering we covered A-L-O-T of miles in 48 hours. We left mid-day Friday and returned mid-Sunday. It was wonderful to meet other Moomba boat owners. Monty had "talked" to these folks for years on the Moomba website - back when we bought the 1st Moomba - Boomerang. Bug made fast friends with a boy that was his age (only one month older) and his older sister who was almost 5. It was so cute to see them play together.
Lake Lanier was unbelievable! I had never been until this weekend. We saw 130 foot deep on the depth finder at one spot. GULP! That is really deep. Bug and I swam in an area that about 70 feet deep. It was just a weird feeling knowing that it was that deep I suppose. The water was gorgeous - a clear blue, green color - like it was in Sandestin. It was an eerie feeling to see how the water level has dropped there in the last few years. There was about 15 feet of exposed shoreline that should be underwater, the docks that were on dry land - it really drove home the fact of how water is really a big issue up there. You can see one of the pictures below how long the boat ramp is now due to low water levels.
Also, if you don't how Lake Lanier came about click here to learn more. I did not know the history behind it until this weekend.
All the folks we met were really nice and the boats we saw were gorgeous. There was one attending that was yellow and black - it was the prettiest one to me. Those colors just popped on the water. We did win some really nice prizes. It seems Monty was one name draw short of winning a board. Oh well, not surprising whereas that is how our luck normally runs. But we did make it out with a really nice wake board rope and a sweet ladies neoprene life vest. Those two things together retail for over $150 - so it was a very successful luck of the draw for us on the raffle prizes.
We are most likely heading down to the Florida Moomba Jamboree in August. It will be in Land O Lakes. I know....we are INSANE with the fuel costs as they are now. But we had that much fun this weekend.
Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, July 11, 2008

On the road again...

Off we go to "Hotlanta" - while actually, Buford, which is right above Atlanta. But being from the South not only are all sodas "Coke" but everything North of Macon is "Atlanta".
We are heading up for the Georgia Moomba Jamboree. Moomba is the brand of boat we own so it is an owner's reunion of sorts. Atlanta Marine is hosting and they are slated to give out some pretty big door prizes. I hope we come home with something really cool! I new board would be great but I'll settle for a t-shirt too.
So off to finish packing up. Please keep safe travels for us in your prayers. I am secure in Monty's impeccable ability to handle the truck and boat but it is all the other drivers on the long stretch of road that concerns me.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lordy, Lordy....look who is 40!!

Happy Birthday Shirley!!!
We LOVE you!!!

Look who we caught smiling! Fake-goofy smile...but nonetheless, smiling BIG!! Love you Monty!

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Weekend

This post is mainly pictures. The last picture pretty much sums up how I feel right now too. Details to follow later this week.

Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend Boating

Hi - still feeling kind of drained so not much to post except some pictures. These are from the boat this weekend. Bug and his Daddy loved the 2 man tube. You can barely see Bug's face over the top - LOL.

Also, that big "swan duck" thing scared me pretty good. It got mad when Monty ran it off from us. You can see the picture where it is walking off and its feathers are all bowed out. I think he was growling too. Bug was not happy when it came up either - he was saying "No swan duck, no. Go away swan duck, go." And I was agreeing.