Saturday, July 19, 2008

Catching Up

Just so you know, I am still working on getting that insane lemonade funk off my floor. I must admit I haven't tackled it in the last few days whereas things have been crazy but it is my mission to get it off this AM or tomorrow afternoon. We are heading out to the Lake House in a few hours. Bug and his Daddy are outside doing something. So, I am running around crazy trying to cram some of my work into this little window of "alone time". I can get so much more accomplished when I am in the house alone. Oh well, you all know that.
Congratulations to good friends - Alice and Terry - God gave them a beautiful (haven't seen him yet but I know he is!) baby boy - Chandler - yesterday. I will wait and go see them after they get home and get settled. I would love to go see them at the hospital but I am sure it is a little early in the morning for company today....they might throw something at me if rolled up in there right now. I know I would - hee hee hee!!
Today is supposed to be around 100 degrees - YESH! Good thing we are taking the boat so we can stay in the water.
Well, I need to change sheets and do some more cleaning. I'll put up some pictures after the weekend. You know me - lazy blogger - I'll probably post them Monday or Tuesday.
Anywho, tah tah for now!

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Becoming Me said...

Aw, congrats to your friends. Good luck with the lemonade