Friday, July 11, 2008

On the road again...

Off we go to "Hotlanta" - while actually, Buford, which is right above Atlanta. But being from the South not only are all sodas "Coke" but everything North of Macon is "Atlanta".
We are heading up for the Georgia Moomba Jamboree. Moomba is the brand of boat we own so it is an owner's reunion of sorts. Atlanta Marine is hosting and they are slated to give out some pretty big door prizes. I hope we come home with something really cool! I new board would be great but I'll settle for a t-shirt too.
So off to finish packing up. Please keep safe travels for us in your prayers. I am secure in Monty's impeccable ability to handle the truck and boat but it is all the other drivers on the long stretch of road that concerns me.
Have a great weekend!

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