Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend Boating

Hi - still feeling kind of drained so not much to post except some pictures. These are from the boat this weekend. Bug and his Daddy loved the 2 man tube. You can barely see Bug's face over the top - LOL.

Also, that big "swan duck" thing scared me pretty good. It got mad when Monty ran it off from us. You can see the picture where it is walking off and its feathers are all bowed out. I think he was growling too. Bug was not happy when it came up either - he was saying "No swan duck, no. Go away swan duck, go." And I was agreeing.


Becoming Me said...

You all sure do make the most out of your summer weekends. that is awesome!

arosengart said...

That boy makes me laugh!! He is WAY cute!!