Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Post

Hi guys!
I have been incredibly selfish these last few days and soaked up tons of time and energy with my boys instead of blogging. Sorry! But it was so much fun!!Lane got a ring from Santa on Tuesday night and that kicked up the excitement to a WHOLE new level. We went to the Santa Fly In on Christmas Eve and that was really cool. Lane loved it when the jet buzzed by us outside. Man....that thing looked like it was right above the trees. YIKES! It was exciting for sure. Here are a few pictures from it. A special thank you to our wonderful neighbors (who are also our friends!) for inviting us along. Poor Santa and Mrs. Claus, I did feel sorry for them. It was so hot on Wednesday. I know they were seriously having some heat issues in all their wintry clothes.

So here is Bug on Christmas Eve night. As you can see, just like last year, he sampled everything we left out for Santa and the'd think his little 28-29 lb rear end would pack on some weight - but nope.

So here is what it looked like for LaneBug on Christmas morning. Lucky little boy! He is very fortunate and I hope in some small way he realized it. Also, our football cake for Jesus' birthday. I think this about my 6th football birthday cake. I suppose that will be the first and last Wilton cake pan I have to buy for this kid!
Oh yeah, Santa even surprised me! I had no clue Santa was bringing a golf cart! I screamed when Monty took us outside Christmas morning. Lane was so startled! He asked me what was wrong. That Monty....I worry about anyone who can keep secrets that well!!!
Lane has really enjoyed riding both the Gator and the golf cart. Here is his first spin on the Gator. Monty and I were so lazy Christmas morning. We rode the golf cart along side him in the Gator. Pathetic, huh? I also snapped a quick picture of what he chose to ride in the back. Pretty random but too funny! Note the fog....yes, it was early!!!

OK - too long of a post already. But here is a snapshot of Bug's football tree (filled with Gator stuff of course) he had in his room again this year. That's right Julie, JJ and Shirley - that is the tree I bought on our trip last year after reading everyone the riot act about not purchasing big items! ha!! Also, a few pictures from last night at Wild Adventures. We went back again. Bug loves it there. And hopefully we will get the goody out of our 09 Passports.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Festival of Lights

Last night we zipped over to Wild Adventures to see the Festival of Lights. This was Bug's first trip ever to Wild Adventures Theme Park. We pretty much have "wild adventures" with him daily.....
But anywho, Bug is IN LOVE with the Park now after only one visit. He told me he loved it when we pulled into the parking lot before we even got in the Park itself. And he was certainly correct. The line to get our '09 Passports was kind of hectic. Bug doesn't do that sort of thing really well but finally it was our turn and then we were off to have fun. He loved all of the rides except the Dragon one that did tight circle. He does not like it and will not get back on it. And believe me, I am not heartbroken - I was sick to my stomach for a couple of hours from riding that crazy thing. I can not do tight circles. I can ride anything that flips, goes backwards, whatever - but those rides that go in a really small circle really fast.....ugh! Can't do it.
So these are 2 snapshots we took as soon as we entered the park. Not really sure what kind of look Bug was going for on this second one...perhaps Elvis was crooning Blue Christmas in the background???
Loved the Merry Go Round.
Loved Bugs of the Jungle. Thought he was SUCH A BIG BOY because he rode this one solo.

This is Bug "patiently waiting" in line (climbing the fence).

He said his favorite ride was the giant slide. None of those pictures turned out well. The Park was really dark and my camera was not set to flash from the distance Monty was at when we came down it each time. Oh well!
And we went wondered back further into the Park and found the football game. Of course, Bug wanted to play. $5.00 for to two throws.......yeah. But luckily the lady didn't know that Bug is pretty darn good at throwing footballs. To my delight, he nailed both passes! We scored this really cool Florida Gator Finger. It actually made it worth the $5.00 cost.

Visiting Rudolf.

And in keeping with filling in snapshots from when I was sick - here is a TOO CUTE picture of Lane with his Daddy's boots on. They go up to the top of his leg almost. He didn't want his picture taken so he turned his head (ugh!).

Monday, December 15, 2008

Four Row Cotton Picker

Strange title for a post, huh? I would say it was pretty random and I know why I typed it. During my blogging hiatus, Bug had the opportunity to see a four row cotton picker up close and personal - in action. We went to see this Thanksgiving afternoon back in my old neck of the woods. Bug was pretty intimidated (at age 3) by it and I must say, it has been awhile since I saw one in action and it was pretty overwhelming for me - and I am....err....29-ish......
But after a few minutes Bug was down with it. I think the story of why we saw it is pretty cool. I forget sometimes how it is back home. A family friend of ours had his four row cotton picker out helping a community member who had only a two row cotton picker. If you remember, you will know that it rained pretty much all day the day after Thanksgiving. So this guy was out helping a friend - picking cotton all day instead of home with his wife and kids. Pretty cool huh? Well, that is how it is in a farming community. It is one of the things I miss and feel kind of sad that Bug won't get to experience as a kid. But hopefully by going out to my farm, he can see that lifestyle as well as "suburban life". I put that in quotations because I have GREAT friends how read that are REAL suburbanites! They will laugh out loud reading it.
Here are a couple of pix.

And we went a visited the horses as well.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hello? Hello? Anybody there??

Okay, been MIA for weeks now. Ursula's blog roll says 3 weeks so I am going to go with that. To be perfectly honest, it wasn't that things were so unbelievably crazy all this time (although, of course they were crazy) it is mainly that I have been feeling under the weather for over 2 weeks. And I say "under the weather" because I went to work, cooked dinner, played with the boys, taught Mission Friends, everything as usual but I felt really, really yucky - not enough to be down and out but still yucky. I almost would rather be REALLY sick for 2-3 days than sick enough to feel bad for weeks. So anyway, that is that. Not looking for sympathy by no means but that is why I never came and blogged. I was just wanting to rest and try to breathe (I have had snot issues).
So blah, blah, is a funny picture. I took this in Lane's room a few weeks ago. He had all his little cars lined up on his desk chair....random, huh?? I would have never guessed he would sit still enough to do this!

This is Bug at the Christmas Parade. I was feeling particulary ICKY that night so only took a couple of photos.

This is me, Bug and Santa at the Santa Breakfast. He was not really sure what to think about Saint Nick but warmed up to him pretty good. He completely refused to give him a hug but Santa and I BOTH laughed out loud when Bug offered a "high five" instead.

And this is Bug and one of his FAVORITE friends, Bryson. Bryson is our neighbor and they love to play together anytime they can. They got a little rough on playing tackle football last week and Lane got a bloody nose but it was an accident for sure.

Here is a snapshot of the boys at Victorian Christmas Friday night. Lane said that one was of Santa's reindeer....errr.....hope not since it was at Hardens Taxidermy.......

We had a work party last night at Wilo and I can honestly say it was the most fun I have ever had at a Corporate function! We had a delicious catered dinner (surf and turf), a bouncey house, giant slide, a magician, a money tree for employees (YEA!!!) and a visit from Santa Claus. We also had Ursula come out and take pictures of all the employee's families. Wilo is giving 2 5x7s to each family. I am so proud of the company I work for and the belief of family values. I am very thankful for all the extras we received this year especially seeing all of the cutbacks and layoffs all around. God has truly blessed me by placing me with a wonderful company to work for. Here are a few pictures.