Monday, December 15, 2008

Four Row Cotton Picker

Strange title for a post, huh? I would say it was pretty random and I know why I typed it. During my blogging hiatus, Bug had the opportunity to see a four row cotton picker up close and personal - in action. We went to see this Thanksgiving afternoon back in my old neck of the woods. Bug was pretty intimidated (at age 3) by it and I must say, it has been awhile since I saw one in action and it was pretty overwhelming for me - and I am....err....29-ish......
But after a few minutes Bug was down with it. I think the story of why we saw it is pretty cool. I forget sometimes how it is back home. A family friend of ours had his four row cotton picker out helping a community member who had only a two row cotton picker. If you remember, you will know that it rained pretty much all day the day after Thanksgiving. So this guy was out helping a friend - picking cotton all day instead of home with his wife and kids. Pretty cool huh? Well, that is how it is in a farming community. It is one of the things I miss and feel kind of sad that Bug won't get to experience as a kid. But hopefully by going out to my farm, he can see that lifestyle as well as "suburban life". I put that in quotations because I have GREAT friends how read that are REAL suburbanites! They will laugh out loud reading it.
Here are a couple of pix.

And we went a visited the horses as well.

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Becoming Me said...

Neat pictures. I know Z-man would not have been down with it