Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Story of the Pappie

Everyone knows how attached Bug was to his beloved Pappies. We had the "Pappie Fairy" come and pick all of them (leaving presents behind of course, just like her cousin, the Tooth Fairy *wink*) but we got down to one pappie. And Bug really didn't want to let the Pappie Fairy take that one. So we convinced him to do something different........

new toy - for Mommy

So I cashed in some of my AMEX points for a Flip Mino and I am loving it. Very easy to use and very small. Also got a Ipod Classic. Loving it too. One day I'll load more music and some pictures on there. I am not a "techie" by any means so believe me when I say I am doing well at this point to just have some of my cds downloaded to it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthday Party

WOW - we had such a great time at the Skating Party. This is our first one for Bug but it certainly won't be the last. There were plenty of kids on scooters and skates and a good bit of adults who braved the rink themselves! I think everyone had a great time. My sister was THE BEST and took tons of pictures for me with my camera. I am very appreciate. Usually I get busy with all the hoopla and end up taking about 10 picutres total. This time I have about 85. That rocks! However, most of the pictures are kind of dark due to the dim lighting. But luckily my digital software has some "auto fix" features. I have worked on about half of the photos so far and they really are good. Here are just a few pictures. More to come later.
Thank you to all who came and shared this wonderful day with us. Lane got some really great toys (Santa's list has shrunk 6 items shorter!!) and to those who gave dog/cat food for donation to our local Humane Society. Lane is really excited about taking that by tomorrow. We appreciate you coming most of all.

Thanks again - Bug had a great time. We missed those of you who couldn't make it too. :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

week in review

So here is the short of it....believe me, you don't want to hear the long, drawn out, whiny details......

Month end (enough said)

Then, I went here for work to attend a conference.

But I was missing these guys A LOT.

Then I was flying home yesterday and should have been in Tally by 8:45.......

But this was broken when we got on it in Atlanta.

So they found another one......but it had too much fuel in it. So we waited while they took A BUNCH of it off.

Then there were five of these parked behind us so we had to wait.....even longer.

Then about 10:30 PM my "eight o'clock flight" took off for Tally......

I got home about 12:30 AM.

I have been really lazy yesterday and today.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Parties

Lane had a BIG day yesterday. Party at daycare and then a party at my work. We had a great time decorating and dressing up at Wilo "for the kids". I know it was fun to be dressed up for Halloween again. Somehow I didn't snap a picture of me in my poodle skirt. I know others did so I will try to get one from them.

Here are a few pictures of Bug from the Wilo party and then from the Fall Festival just down from our house. We walked up our street trick-or-treating and then attended the Fall Festival. Lane had a birthday party to attend last night but after seeing the prep down at the church - mainly the bouncy house and train - he wanted to go to it instead.

Anyone notice the absence of a $40.00 Pirate Costume..............................................

I suppose it will be something he can dress up in and play with his pirate toys now. He only wants to wear his football uniform.