Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthday Party

WOW - we had such a great time at the Skating Party. This is our first one for Bug but it certainly won't be the last. There were plenty of kids on scooters and skates and a good bit of adults who braved the rink themselves! I think everyone had a great time. My sister was THE BEST and took tons of pictures for me with my camera. I am very appreciate. Usually I get busy with all the hoopla and end up taking about 10 picutres total. This time I have about 85. That rocks! However, most of the pictures are kind of dark due to the dim lighting. But luckily my digital software has some "auto fix" features. I have worked on about half of the photos so far and they really are good. Here are just a few pictures. More to come later.
Thank you to all who came and shared this wonderful day with us. Lane got some really great toys (Santa's list has shrunk 6 items shorter!!) and to those who gave dog/cat food for donation to our local Humane Society. Lane is really excited about taking that by tomorrow. We appreciate you coming most of all.

Thanks again - Bug had a great time. We missed those of you who couldn't make it too. :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lane Bug.... I hate we missed it! Looks like he had a great time!!!