Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Parties

Lane had a BIG day yesterday. Party at daycare and then a party at my work. We had a great time decorating and dressing up at Wilo "for the kids". I know it was fun to be dressed up for Halloween again. Somehow I didn't snap a picture of me in my poodle skirt. I know others did so I will try to get one from them.

Here are a few pictures of Bug from the Wilo party and then from the Fall Festival just down from our house. We walked up our street trick-or-treating and then attended the Fall Festival. Lane had a birthday party to attend last night but after seeing the prep down at the church - mainly the bouncy house and train - he wanted to go to it instead.

Anyone notice the absence of a $40.00 Pirate Costume..............................................

I suppose it will be something he can dress up in and play with his pirate toys now. He only wants to wear his football uniform.

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