Saturday, March 29, 2008

Finally...the weekend

Yeah, I have been looking for Saturday since about Tuesday and FINALLY it is here. has just been one of those weeks. You all know how those go.

So anyway, not a lot of big plans for the weekend but enough to keep my attention. We were going to try to take the boat out this morning but decided against it. We have a couple of families coming over for dinner tonight so I suppose I should cook instead! LOL

I am looking forward to LaneBug playing with some of his friends while we get to socialize with grown folks! He is the youngest of all so he feels so grown up around them. Tomorrow I will teach SS class for a friend. I hope that goes well. I believe it is 5th and 6th grade girls. YIKES! That is right before hormones really start kicking in. I know they are all sweet girls though so not to frightening.

Well, back to cleaning up. I gotta grab a shower and hit Publix for a couple of items I am missing for dinner tonight. I am cooking Baked Ziti - YUMMY!!!

I'll leave you with a picture of Lane from our vacation last year on St. Simons Island. We rented one of those snazzy electric cars and drove all over the Island. It was a blast.
I am browsing the Hodnett Cooper website now looking for a condo for this summer so I was looking back at pics from last year. Gosh, my little Bugster has grown!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Random Easter Pictures

Lane hunting (yes, actually hunting not kicking and throwing) Easter Eggs at church Saturday morning.

Playing on the new playground equipment right after the Egg Hunt.

Hanging out at Reed Bingham Sate Park before our 2nd Egg Hunt.
Snacking on crackers at the Park.

Hunting eggs at Aunt Regina's church.
This is how we hide eggs back home - on cars!!!
Group photo - mostly kids of my friends from school.
Not sure what Bugster and his cousin Becca were doing here, but they do look like they were enjoying it - whatever it was.
Two very loud and annoying toys - both cranked up at once! FUN!
Becca and Bug - what a pair!!
The Easter Bunny did come to our house and he was good to Lane.
Really random and silly facial expression.
Posing with the "goods". (loves Veggie Tales)

My handsome boys!!!

Mommy and Lane.
Playing ball at Grandma Alice's house.

My boys!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter - He is Risen

Happy Easter everyone! I must say that I was so excited to see "He is Risen" on CVS marquee today - I think they were open for business (sigh-not so great) but it was nice to see them post the true meaning behind our Easter Celebration.

We had a fun-filled weekend and the end is drawing very near. The boys are outside playing and I am doing laundry (yuck!) so I thought I would post quickly. Yesterday, we conquered two Egg Hunts one here at our church and another back at my hometown, we visited one of my BEST friends from back in grade school through high school (it was amazing!!!) and did Easter dinner with my parents last night. Today we had church and SS, Easter lunch at Monty's Mom's house and then back home to nap and play. WHEW - I think I need to go to work tomorrow and rest! (JK Shirley)

We did Easter Cards this year for family and close friends - I wanted to buy my standard order that I do for Christmas Cards (125) but settled for only 40. So there were so many folks I couldn't share the cute little pics of Bugster with so I have it attached here. Of course, the talented photographer was me - NOT!! Please see the link on my page for Ursula Page - she is our talented photographer for pictures.
Well....I think I hear the washing machine calling my name......

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Monies - that is what Lane calls all denominations of money.

So, I am always struggling with Lane to try to get to him to eat better. I know, I know - it is normal for a toddler to just nibble for a few days and eat nearly to nothing. But since we don't own a single a pair of pants that don't require the tops rolled back to keep them up on his little narrow behind - let's just say I am focused on encouraging him to eat his meals very well. The strep throat last week did not help my cause at all whereas he ate even less.
Well, Lane's Papa Marcus gave him $2 Saturday night and the boy was thrilled to put it in his piggy bank. Therefore, I played off of that and I paid him pretty much a penny for each bite the other night at dinner. He loved it! He had no clue that he was practically banking nothing with all the money being pennies - he LOVED putting the pennies in the bank.
So if see me in the parking lots scouting the ground for more pennies these next few'll know why. Hopefully this incentive will last, we will soon run out of pennies in our change jar and perhaps I can quit rolling the top of his pants one day.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ode to my favorite TV Show

Hey guys, not much going on here. Just wanted to put in a "shout out" to my one and only favorite TV show. John & Kate Plus 8 is my absolute favorite TV show. It comes on Monday nights on TLC at 9:00 pm. I can't tell what you what the weather will be today....but I can tell you what those cute little kiddies were up to last night!!
Yesterday was pretty yucky (well, work was yucky, once 5:00 o'clock came, the day was very good) so today is going to be GREAT!!!

Here is the link to their own personal web page.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A day of rest

Well, this day of rest is well deserved. Yesterday was a long and fun-filled day for me and the Bugster. We did brave the Calico Arts Festival (sigh). It had its moments but Lane was very good for "Lane standards". And I have had to learn the Lane standards are far different than many of my other Mommy friends. So yes, he ran around a bit and wallowed on the dusty, concrete floor and then transferred a good bit of the dust on me but he had a good time. He played with his cousin Becca and her friend Abby and he had a fine time. But when it was time to was time to go. That came about 12:30 when the defiance kicked in. So after a couple of public "floggings", we loaded up and came back home.

He napped and I cleaned. Then off to the Y fields to hang with one of his friends while his older brother played t-ball. The game was good and our friend did really well. Then from there back home to clean up a bit (I had worn a pony tail and ball cap so I had to re-shower and fix my hair) and off to the BBQ.

Lane played with two friends there and then Daddy was home from the Gator Nationals!! YEA!! He was certainly glad to see him. Then we all came home and went to bed! We were all pretty exhausted. Lane loves his new lizard PJs but would not pose for me real well as you can see.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


It has been a crazy week and I am SO glad the weekend is finally here.
Last night was wonderful - we had a church ladies meeting and the sharing time we had was so beautiful. I suppose I take these girls for granted. One in the group is fairly new and was quick to tell us how lucky we were to have such a tight-nit group of ladies. So I am proud to have them all in my life and helping me draw closer to the Lord.
And earlier in the day yesterday, I reconnected with an old friend from Jr High School. Once I found out she had another baby back in November and moved, it was like we picked up from where we were about 18 months ago when we last spoken.
After getting home, getting Lane to bed, getting back up with Lane (terrible cough) and getting him back to bed for the final time; I laid there and thought about all the wonderful friends I have in my life and how lucky I am truly am.
So enough mushy stuff...YUCK!!! LOL
Today will be a fun day. Lane has lots of friends who are playing ball at the Y fields. We are heading up the road to a local Arts Festival (hope that goes ok and LaneBug does not bum-rush someone's display and wreck it!), and then back to home to the Y games and to a BBQ tonight. Hopefully, Bug will be so wore out that he sleeps through the night even with this nasty cough.
Pictures next post, PROMISE!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed

I found out about this movie from another blog. It was a link from a link from a link off a friend's blog (did ya get that??)
Anywho, the point is I stumbled on this whole movie trailer by chance. And at first I didn't even click the link, because I rarely go to the movies anyway. But the blog I was viewing had the settings where comments are viewed on the same page as the post. I glanced at a few of the comments and instantly my curiosity was perked. So I watched it. It proved to be very interesting. So, take a peek......I think you will find it interesting.
I wonder if this movie will make it to Tallahassee? If it comes near here, I will go see it.

By the way, Bug is doing much better. If he continues with no fever, he will go back to "school" tomorrow. He certainly misses all of his little friends.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another First for Johnson household....

...except this one is not good news. LaneBug has strep throat. Yep, first time ever. He is napping right now after taking his "scrip" and some Motrin. None of us really slept well last night whereas he was running fever and up for a few hours. Of course, Lane takes it like a trooper as always. How come toddlers don't "act sick" when they are sick? He was jumping up and down singing Veggie Tales Silly Songs along with the DVD before our Dr appointment today. Oh well, who knows. I am glad he went to the Dr office - almost didn't make the appointment.

So I have received a few notes/comments on the baking post. hee hee hee You didn't know I had it in me, did you? I know - I always said about others baking a cake from scratch - "WHY??"

And to explain the picture above a non-baking project Bug and I did over the weekend also (okay guys, don't faint. It was cold outside; we had to do something. Don't call yet to have my head examined!! LOL) You recognize the "Bunny Racer" as a Swiss Cake Roll, Peep, Life Saver and some Sweet Tarts! And no, I DID NOT think of this on my own - I got it out of a Parenting magazine.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Baking Diva

I know, I can almost hear the faint groans from you all now. I admit it - I can be pretty pathetic when it comes to preparing food. Girls in my church ladies group still giggle about the time I was signed up to bring a simple Chef's Salad and paid to have one made and brought it instead of making it myself. Now, let's keep in mind, that even I can make a Chef's Salad - I just opted for the easiest way out - purchasing it! Also, my famous Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with lots of love down at my local Publix Bakery. So to see a post titled "Baking Diva" from your pal DKay can stir up a good groan or two.

But hold on to your hats guys.......I baked a Chocolate Pound Cake FROM SCRATCH yesterday afternoon. I know, I aren't believing it. But you can call Monty and ask him. He witnessed the not so small feat. Also, yes, it is the ripe old age of 34 and this is my first from scratch cake. Pathetic, huh?? I have made cookies from scratch (once - about 10 years ago) but this is the first cake. And guess what - it is pretty darn good. In fact, it is very good. Not nearly the best I ever tasted but still, very good. You can see my really nice mixer my Mom bought me about oh, what, ten years ago. Finally cranked that puppy up!! Works great.
Anyway, you guys don't get all pumped up and think this is the new me. Nah, I just wanted to see if I could do it. Plus, I got this FABULOUS cookbook for my birthday (thanks sis!) and reading it made me want to do it. Never fear....I'll still keep my famous Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and use it often.
Night-night, gotta go. This new time has me all whacked out.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


So, the premier post would obviously be titled LaneBug. All who know me even just a LITTLE bit know that I adore him as much as any other Mother adores her child. Watching his personality mature over the past few months has been kind of scary though. I see so much of myself in his evolving personality. YIKES!! I say YIKES not because I am necessarily a bad person but well, let's just say a have acquired more than a few hard life lessons. Of course, being the worry wart I am, I already wonder if he will be just as stubborn and determined as I was, errrr..... better said as I am. The picture above is from a couple of days ago - Bug and his Daddy were playing blocks. I was not home when they did this but I can assure you that Lane did the blocks himself. He goes NUTS when one of us touches those blocks. For any/all Gator fans, notice the blocks are collegiate Gator blocks!!!