Thursday, March 20, 2008


Monies - that is what Lane calls all denominations of money.

So, I am always struggling with Lane to try to get to him to eat better. I know, I know - it is normal for a toddler to just nibble for a few days and eat nearly to nothing. But since we don't own a single a pair of pants that don't require the tops rolled back to keep them up on his little narrow behind - let's just say I am focused on encouraging him to eat his meals very well. The strep throat last week did not help my cause at all whereas he ate even less.
Well, Lane's Papa Marcus gave him $2 Saturday night and the boy was thrilled to put it in his piggy bank. Therefore, I played off of that and I paid him pretty much a penny for each bite the other night at dinner. He loved it! He had no clue that he was practically banking nothing with all the money being pennies - he LOVED putting the pennies in the bank.
So if see me in the parking lots scouting the ground for more pennies these next few'll know why. Hopefully this incentive will last, we will soon run out of pennies in our change jar and perhaps I can quit rolling the top of his pants one day.


Becoming Me said...

Or with the money he saves you can buy him a pair of pants that fit. LOL I know, nothing that would fit him around the waist would reach his feet. So cute he says monies. So does Xylie!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the easter card! Missed you at the family dinner, the food was wonderful!