Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter - He is Risen

Happy Easter everyone! I must say that I was so excited to see "He is Risen" on CVS marquee today - I think they were open for business (sigh-not so great) but it was nice to see them post the true meaning behind our Easter Celebration.

We had a fun-filled weekend and the end is drawing very near. The boys are outside playing and I am doing laundry (yuck!) so I thought I would post quickly. Yesterday, we conquered two Egg Hunts one here at our church and another back at my hometown, we visited one of my BEST friends from back in grade school through high school (it was amazing!!!) and did Easter dinner with my parents last night. Today we had church and SS, Easter lunch at Monty's Mom's house and then back home to nap and play. WHEW - I think I need to go to work tomorrow and rest! (JK Shirley)

We did Easter Cards this year for family and close friends - I wanted to buy my standard order that I do for Christmas Cards (125) but settled for only 40. So there were so many folks I couldn't share the cute little pics of Bugster with so I have it attached here. Of course, the talented photographer was me - NOT!! Please see the link on my page for Ursula Page - she is our talented photographer for pictures.
Well....I think I hear the washing machine calling my name......


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so glad you guys had a wonderful day!
how was the big city?