Sunday, March 16, 2008

A day of rest

Well, this day of rest is well deserved. Yesterday was a long and fun-filled day for me and the Bugster. We did brave the Calico Arts Festival (sigh). It had its moments but Lane was very good for "Lane standards". And I have had to learn the Lane standards are far different than many of my other Mommy friends. So yes, he ran around a bit and wallowed on the dusty, concrete floor and then transferred a good bit of the dust on me but he had a good time. He played with his cousin Becca and her friend Abby and he had a fine time. But when it was time to was time to go. That came about 12:30 when the defiance kicked in. So after a couple of public "floggings", we loaded up and came back home.

He napped and I cleaned. Then off to the Y fields to hang with one of his friends while his older brother played t-ball. The game was good and our friend did really well. Then from there back home to clean up a bit (I had worn a pony tail and ball cap so I had to re-shower and fix my hair) and off to the BBQ.

Lane played with two friends there and then Daddy was home from the Gator Nationals!! YEA!! He was certainly glad to see him. Then we all came home and went to bed! We were all pretty exhausted. Lane loves his new lizard PJs but would not pose for me real well as you can see.


Becoming Me said...

pj's. And I love the nickname Bugster...very fitting. Glad ya'll are having some rest and that he was feeling well enough to go out and about.

Amanda said...

Brian and his buddies went to the gator nationals yesterday too! The had fun and Brian got sunburned! Sounded like yall had a fun day.

Jen said...

That good lookin' boy needs a bulldog on his pajamas!!!