Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another First for Johnson household....

...except this one is not good news. LaneBug has strep throat. Yep, first time ever. He is napping right now after taking his "scrip" and some Motrin. None of us really slept well last night whereas he was running fever and up for a few hours. Of course, Lane takes it like a trooper as always. How come toddlers don't "act sick" when they are sick? He was jumping up and down singing Veggie Tales Silly Songs along with the DVD before our Dr appointment today. Oh well, who knows. I am glad he went to the Dr office - almost didn't make the appointment.

So I have received a few notes/comments on the baking post. hee hee hee You didn't know I had it in me, did you? I know - I always said about others baking a cake from scratch - "WHY??"

And to explain the picture above a non-baking project Bug and I did over the weekend also (okay guys, don't faint. It was cold outside; we had to do something. Don't call yet to have my head examined!! LOL) You recognize the "Bunny Racer" as a Swiss Cake Roll, Peep, Life Saver and some Sweet Tarts! And no, I DID NOT think of this on my own - I got it out of a Parenting magazine.

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Angela said...

Ohh, poor sweet Lane. ANd poor sweet mommy and daddy J! Bless your hearts.Oh, I think Regina should be next on the blog roll agreed?