Saturday, March 29, 2008

Finally...the weekend

Yeah, I have been looking for Saturday since about Tuesday and FINALLY it is here. has just been one of those weeks. You all know how those go.

So anyway, not a lot of big plans for the weekend but enough to keep my attention. We were going to try to take the boat out this morning but decided against it. We have a couple of families coming over for dinner tonight so I suppose I should cook instead! LOL

I am looking forward to LaneBug playing with some of his friends while we get to socialize with grown folks! He is the youngest of all so he feels so grown up around them. Tomorrow I will teach SS class for a friend. I hope that goes well. I believe it is 5th and 6th grade girls. YIKES! That is right before hormones really start kicking in. I know they are all sweet girls though so not to frightening.

Well, back to cleaning up. I gotta grab a shower and hit Publix for a couple of items I am missing for dinner tonight. I am cooking Baked Ziti - YUMMY!!!

I'll leave you with a picture of Lane from our vacation last year on St. Simons Island. We rented one of those snazzy electric cars and drove all over the Island. It was a blast.
I am browsing the Hodnett Cooper website now looking for a condo for this summer so I was looking back at pics from last year. Gosh, my little Bugster has grown!!!

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Becoming Me said...

Have a fun weekend. Cute pic.