Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed

I found out about this movie from another blog. It was a link from a link from a link off a friend's blog (did ya get that??)
Anywho, the point is I stumbled on this whole movie trailer by chance. And at first I didn't even click the link, because I rarely go to the movies anyway. But the blog I was viewing had the settings where comments are viewed on the same page as the post. I glanced at a few of the comments and instantly my curiosity was perked. So I watched it. It proved to be very interesting. So, take a peek......I think you will find it interesting.
I wonder if this movie will make it to Tallahassee? If it comes near here, I will go see it.

By the way, Bug is doing much better. If he continues with no fever, he will go back to "school" tomorrow. He certainly misses all of his little friends.


Amanda said...

I am so glad to hear you little guy is feeling better! Glad we can keep in touch on this thing!

Alison said...

Hi Dkay,

This is Alison from MaggieMooDesigns.

I would love to make you a custom football shirt. Please just email me at alihol(at)homtail(dot)com...we will talk over all the details.

Thanks for thinking of me! I would love to work with you on this!