Sunday, March 9, 2008


So, the premier post would obviously be titled LaneBug. All who know me even just a LITTLE bit know that I adore him as much as any other Mother adores her child. Watching his personality mature over the past few months has been kind of scary though. I see so much of myself in his evolving personality. YIKES!! I say YIKES not because I am necessarily a bad person but well, let's just say a have acquired more than a few hard life lessons. Of course, being the worry wart I am, I already wonder if he will be just as stubborn and determined as I was, errrr..... better said as I am. The picture above is from a couple of days ago - Bug and his Daddy were playing blocks. I was not home when they did this but I can assure you that Lane did the blocks himself. He goes NUTS when one of us touches those blocks. For any/all Gator fans, notice the blocks are collegiate Gator blocks!!!


Angela said...

Hip-Hip-Hooray!!!!! I am so glad you joined the world of blogging. You are so fun and I am sure will have great posts. I'm so excited that we'll get to see Lane's little face more often. By the way, Zayden just needs those gator blocks...where did you get them? :-) Love ya, Angela

Anonymous said...

Hey your blog. Yes I enjoy Angela's blog so much. It is reaaly a way to keep in touch when direct contract is not possible.

I look forward to keeping up with you! (since there is so many miles between our houses)
Aunt "Great one"

Jen said...

Gator blocks? Grrrr .... Lanebug needs some BULLDOG blocks! If I remember correctly, the dawgs ate the gator this year, right? (hee hee)

Welcome to BLOGGING. You will have time for NOTHING ELSE.


Amanda said...

Hi really enjoyed your blog! I am so glad to hear all is well and Lane Bug is doing great! Talk with you soon! Love you, Amanda

Amanda said...

I can't figure about how to get to Angela's blog spot! I got to play around with my page and figure out how to get around. Very proud to hear you are baking! I am very sorry to hear that Lane is sick I hope he get well very soon. Oh yeah, I also can't figure out how to allow anonymous comments so Aunt Suz can leave her comments. Guess she is going to have to get a page as well!