Thursday, January 29, 2009

looking forward to the weekend

Hi all!

Sorry I have been MIA....I really need to make blogging more of a priority I suppose. I just forget most of the time. So nothing really big going on except Bug has finally defined the phrase "I'll learn to pee pee in the potty later". It seems later came on January 27th. Craziest thing - decided to put back on the big boy underwear and hasn't had an accident yet. He even napped today without them and woke up and told Mrs. Tracey he had to go. I am so impressed. I would have never guessed that he understood it all that completely. He has even put stinky in there.

And other news, it seems there is a possibility of an adult night out Saturday night. And....I guess I should define that as dinner with friends of ours - WITHOUT KIDS. Yep, that will be cool. I really don't know when it was we last did this. We have done Sunday School socials and stuff like that but a night dedicated to us with friends alone - been way too long.

I have been going through some old pictures so I'll post those soon.
Have a good night - don't let the bed bugs bite :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Update

Hello boys and girls! How about this cold weather finally getting here? Man....and just after I reogranized my closet so I could have all my clothes in it at one time. Yes, I am fortunate to have the home I live in (not ungrateful AT ALL) but....I must admit.....I do want a walk-in closet again so bad. But for the time being, I have the next best thing I suppose. My dear friend Ursula blogged about some "skinny hangers" the other day. She talked about how much more room she had in her closet after changing to them. As you can guess, my interest was perked. So, I called and got the "skinny" on the "skinny hangers" (HA! get it???) and zipped down to TJ Maxx and purchase 150 of those suckers.
Well, speaking of suckers, my hubby thinks I am totally one for buying them. decide. Here are the before pictures:

And here are the after:

Keep in mind, I really stink at photography. So I hope my lame attempt at capturing in photo the difference it made works. The hangers are very skinny and completely covered in velvet. They also are magnetic at the top right below the little chrome hook. This magnet makes the hangers "hug" each other. I think this is reason they create so much more space. I used the large plastic hangers before and they really did take up much more space. Also, again not sure if my pictures show this - I have MORE clothes in my closet now than before. But to be fair - there are more shirts (all my tshirts) folded on the shelves. I included a stool in the closet so I wouldn't be straining and stretching to get them. If they are all cluttered up, then I won't leave them up there. I can't stand looking at them all messy. So I hope this stool prevents all that. But yes, there are more clothes hanging now than before still even with me putting the jeans and tshirts folded up on top.
So......yes, I am doing Monty's closet next. But....gotta go buy more hangers!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

So.....six years ago YESTERDAY (I tried to get this posted about 10 times and never did) was the day I married Monty. Bless his heart......
It has been great most of the time. I am sure he would whole heartedly agree that it has not been perfect. Uh, it would be scary of it had been. But everyday I can honestly say I love him more even though there are days I kind of don't like him. And again, he would agree so I don't feel bad typing it. Monty and I are quite opposites as those of you who know us well realize. It is so much fun most of the time to have your spouse "even you out" so to say. Monty is a great hubby and I am so glad I snatched him up before someone else did. We truly love one another and that is what makes everything else just fall into place throughout all these years together. We continue to look forward to growing old together. Love you Baby! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hey guys!
Happy New Year - 2009 is finally here. I have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!!! good grief - I am a SICK-O because I love it. All my clothes are washed, my bathrooms are clean. I love knowing that all the crumbs have been vaccumed out of my sofa, and chairs. I love that you could eat off the wood floor under my sofa. It is all clean! Monty and I went sofa shopping the other day. Depressing! Everything was really expensive and we couldn't really pick out anything we both loved. Then, I think, WHY??? Bug will just destroy it - like he did the one we have now! So, I zipped those covers off earlier and washed them. Just put them back on they look really good. Still don't like my sofa but it is much cleaner. We are having some quotes for getting the carpet in the bedrooms cleaned and I will see how much it will be to get the sofa (parts that didn't zip off) and chairs cleaned also. Maybe after that I will not feel the need to purchase new stuff.
I'll leave you with a few snapshots from NYE. We were with some great friends up until about 10:30 and then rang in the new year the same we always have - SLEEPING! The only year we have been awake for midnight on NYE is the year we went to the Peach Bowl to see the Gators play in Atlanta.

The 3 Amigos........I think it took Bug about 2 minutes to fall asleep Wednesday night after all that hard playing. He loves his buddies Tanner and Dawson!