Thursday, January 29, 2009

looking forward to the weekend

Hi all!

Sorry I have been MIA....I really need to make blogging more of a priority I suppose. I just forget most of the time. So nothing really big going on except Bug has finally defined the phrase "I'll learn to pee pee in the potty later". It seems later came on January 27th. Craziest thing - decided to put back on the big boy underwear and hasn't had an accident yet. He even napped today without them and woke up and told Mrs. Tracey he had to go. I am so impressed. I would have never guessed that he understood it all that completely. He has even put stinky in there.

And other news, it seems there is a possibility of an adult night out Saturday night. And....I guess I should define that as dinner with friends of ours - WITHOUT KIDS. Yep, that will be cool. I really don't know when it was we last did this. We have done Sunday School socials and stuff like that but a night dedicated to us with friends alone - been way too long.

I have been going through some old pictures so I'll post those soon.
Have a good night - don't let the bed bugs bite :)

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