Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Update

Hello boys and girls! How about this cold weather finally getting here? Man....and just after I reogranized my closet so I could have all my clothes in it at one time. Yes, I am fortunate to have the home I live in (not ungrateful AT ALL) but....I must admit.....I do want a walk-in closet again so bad. But for the time being, I have the next best thing I suppose. My dear friend Ursula blogged about some "skinny hangers" the other day. She talked about how much more room she had in her closet after changing to them. As you can guess, my interest was perked. So, I called and got the "skinny" on the "skinny hangers" (HA! get it???) and zipped down to TJ Maxx and purchase 150 of those suckers.
Well, speaking of suckers, my hubby thinks I am totally one for buying them. decide. Here are the before pictures:

And here are the after:

Keep in mind, I really stink at photography. So I hope my lame attempt at capturing in photo the difference it made works. The hangers are very skinny and completely covered in velvet. They also are magnetic at the top right below the little chrome hook. This magnet makes the hangers "hug" each other. I think this is reason they create so much more space. I used the large plastic hangers before and they really did take up much more space. Also, again not sure if my pictures show this - I have MORE clothes in my closet now than before. But to be fair - there are more shirts (all my tshirts) folded on the shelves. I included a stool in the closet so I wouldn't be straining and stretching to get them. If they are all cluttered up, then I won't leave them up there. I can't stand looking at them all messy. So I hope this stool prevents all that. But yes, there are more clothes hanging now than before still even with me putting the jeans and tshirts folded up on top.
So......yes, I am doing Monty's closet next. But....gotta go buy more hangers!


Anonymous said...

Impressive! Come do mine next!

Becoming Me said...

Great job!!1