Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hey guys!
Happy New Year - 2009 is finally here. I have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!!! good grief - I am a SICK-O because I love it. All my clothes are washed, my bathrooms are clean. I love knowing that all the crumbs have been vaccumed out of my sofa, and chairs. I love that you could eat off the wood floor under my sofa. It is all clean! Monty and I went sofa shopping the other day. Depressing! Everything was really expensive and we couldn't really pick out anything we both loved. Then, I think, WHY??? Bug will just destroy it - like he did the one we have now! So, I zipped those covers off earlier and washed them. Just put them back on they look really good. Still don't like my sofa but it is much cleaner. We are having some quotes for getting the carpet in the bedrooms cleaned and I will see how much it will be to get the sofa (parts that didn't zip off) and chairs cleaned also. Maybe after that I will not feel the need to purchase new stuff.
I'll leave you with a few snapshots from NYE. We were with some great friends up until about 10:30 and then rang in the new year the same we always have - SLEEPING! The only year we have been awake for midnight on NYE is the year we went to the Peach Bowl to see the Gators play in Atlanta.

The 3 Amigos........I think it took Bug about 2 minutes to fall asleep Wednesday night after all that hard playing. He loves his buddies Tanner and Dawson!

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Anonymous said...

ok, NEW policy! No posting pics without approval!! Those are awful pics of me!! But oh well... it was a good time!