Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

So.....six years ago YESTERDAY (I tried to get this posted about 10 times and never did) was the day I married Monty. Bless his heart......
It has been great most of the time. I am sure he would whole heartedly agree that it has not been perfect. Uh, it would be scary of it had been. But everyday I can honestly say I love him more even though there are days I kind of don't like him. And again, he would agree so I don't feel bad typing it. Monty and I are quite opposites as those of you who know us well realize. It is so much fun most of the time to have your spouse "even you out" so to say. Monty is a great hubby and I am so glad I snatched him up before someone else did. We truly love one another and that is what makes everything else just fall into place throughout all these years together. We continue to look forward to growing old together. Love you Baby! :)


Ursula Page said...

Awww...that is so sweet! Happy Anniversary!

BTW, we need to have lunch soon to catch up :)

Anonymous said...

Yes... completely different but completely for eachother!!! I hope you have many more years together!! Happy LATE anniversary again!