Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter weekend

Whew - what a packed weekend it was. We were on the go all day every day but Bug had a great time! We hunted eggs at our church first on Saturday. Lane didn't find the prize egg but had a great time finding LOTS of eggs.

Then a quick trip home to boil a dozen eggs for us to color later in the day. We headed out to Norman Park to hit another egg hunt. We go every year to my sister's church where many gals and guys I grew up with go to church. This is the one time a year Bug gets to play with their kids. Lane did find one of the prize eggs here. He had a great time running and playing!

Then, off to Nanny & PaPa's house to play with Becca & Jonathon. And after a few hours, back to Thomasville for a birthday party. And then back home to color eggs! YIKES - I was so tired when I finally stopped.
The Easter Bunny stopped by and after digging through the loot and reminding Bug of the true meaning we celebrate Easter, we headed off to church and then family lunch here in town. Lane played all afternoon with his cousins Ches & Ty. Those big boys did a great job of wearing down this wild child - that is not an easy task!

The boys played most of the day with water balloons and a really cool water balloon launcher. Most everyone got a little wet along the way but I wouldn't think it would happen any other way, right?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Ok, not believing it took me all week to get this posted.....because it surely has been the single topic on my mind ALL WEEK......we are expecting another baby! :0) yea!! We are so excited and even though I feel the "I can't wait" attitude, I also feel the "slow down and enjoy every minute of this" attitude also. This will be the last little Johnson so I intend to savor every moment. Funny thing, again, I knew it right away. Our bodies are amazing. But I have completely different symptoms with this pregnancy than what I did with LaneBug. So Baby Johnson should be here around early-mid December!
Well, off to hunt some eggs......ALL DAY! And then a birthday party tonight for one of Lane's best friends.
Ta-Ta for now :)