Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hello? Hello? Anybody there??

Okay, been MIA for weeks now. Ursula's blog roll says 3 weeks so I am going to go with that. To be perfectly honest, it wasn't that things were so unbelievably crazy all this time (although, of course they were crazy) it is mainly that I have been feeling under the weather for over 2 weeks. And I say "under the weather" because I went to work, cooked dinner, played with the boys, taught Mission Friends, everything as usual but I felt really, really yucky - not enough to be down and out but still yucky. I almost would rather be REALLY sick for 2-3 days than sick enough to feel bad for weeks. So anyway, that is that. Not looking for sympathy by no means but that is why I never came and blogged. I was just wanting to rest and try to breathe (I have had snot issues).
So blah, blah, is a funny picture. I took this in Lane's room a few weeks ago. He had all his little cars lined up on his desk chair....random, huh?? I would have never guessed he would sit still enough to do this!

This is Bug at the Christmas Parade. I was feeling particulary ICKY that night so only took a couple of photos.

This is me, Bug and Santa at the Santa Breakfast. He was not really sure what to think about Saint Nick but warmed up to him pretty good. He completely refused to give him a hug but Santa and I BOTH laughed out loud when Bug offered a "high five" instead.

And this is Bug and one of his FAVORITE friends, Bryson. Bryson is our neighbor and they love to play together anytime they can. They got a little rough on playing tackle football last week and Lane got a bloody nose but it was an accident for sure.

Here is a snapshot of the boys at Victorian Christmas Friday night. Lane said that one was of Santa's reindeer....errr.....hope not since it was at Hardens Taxidermy.......

We had a work party last night at Wilo and I can honestly say it was the most fun I have ever had at a Corporate function! We had a delicious catered dinner (surf and turf), a bouncey house, giant slide, a magician, a money tree for employees (YEA!!!) and a visit from Santa Claus. We also had Ursula come out and take pictures of all the employee's families. Wilo is giving 2 5x7s to each family. I am so proud of the company I work for and the belief of family values. I am very thankful for all the extras we received this year especially seeing all of the cutbacks and layoffs all around. God has truly blessed me by placing me with a wonderful company to work for. Here are a few pictures.

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