Friday, June 20, 2008


Hello, hello, H-E-L-L-O!!

We are getting packed and ready to go. I can hardly wait. The boys are out and about running a few errands. I have 99% of the stuff packed and only about 10% loaded in the truck. But I am cleaning really well before I go. I know I will go nutty when we get back if I walk into a house that is in complete disarray.
So with that said, I want share one of my absolute favorite little finds. Click here to see what gem I stumbled on about a year ago. It is wonderful! The long handle comes off and the wide floor attachment slides off and it becomes a little hand held vacuum. I used it last night to clean out my truck. It also comes with one of those tiny crevice cleaner attachments. I love it for my hard wood floors. It really sucks up dirt and cracker crumbs. And heaven help me, we have plenty of cracker crumbs at my house thanks to Bug!
So, let me go do a little dusting and then load up the truck!
Y'all have a great weekend.
Disclaimer: Anybody wanting to come to my home and burglarize it while I am gone, note that there is nothing really of great value here. All diamonds are on my person and are electronics in our home....well....let's just say no DVRs, no flat screens, no HDTV. We love what we have but I am sure it won't bring much for you at the pawn shop.


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