Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beach Bums

We rolled back into the 'hood about 3:3o today. By 4:00, I had everything unpacked and the washer/dryer were humming along good. We had a great time. The Hilton will never be same I am sure. We left our mark - Bug dropped a convertible yellow Hot Wheels car down one of the drain thingies out by the pool. I must brag on what a good Mommy I was. I pulled the grate up and attempted to retrieve the car. But alas, my arm was not long enough. We stood up, we grieved, and then we purchased another later in the evening.

I guess I am getting ahead of myself though. The ride down went well. I only had to ride about 50 miles in the back seat. I wasn't too car sick when we arrived but man, I was glad to get out from back there.

When we went out to the beach, Monty commented that he felt like John Candy in Summer Rental and I had to giggle because he was dead on it. The beach was P-A-C-K-E-D! But we found a spot (right in the middle of where everyone was walking up and down the beach by the water) and began to splash and play. All the while, we ignored the looks from those who were a little put out that we were sitting right down the walking path at the shore. But frankly, we didn't care. There was honestly no where else to sit.

Here are a few pictures of Lane and some of Monty and I with Lane's bucket hat. Of course, the tractor went to the beach again this year too!

So, more tomorrow about the trip. I have some really funny video footage of Bug. That boy......


arosengart said...

Hey!! Glad y'all are back safe and sound! Can't wait to hear about the spa!!!

Becoming Me said...

Great pics! Were you just pampered beyond compare?