Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well, I know I am a country girl and I am quite proud of it. Just to name a few "country" events I have attended - a rat shoot, anything hog and pig related whereas I was raised on a pig farm, but there was one thing missing from my list and last night I had the chance to add it. We went to the local Demolition Derby. Y'all, it was crazy! We had a great time.

We only had mud slung up on us one time. Bug and I both were a little disturbed with that - for 2 entirely different reasons. I wear contacts so dirt coming at your body including your face is never a good thing especially when you recently popped in a fresh pair. And Bug, well, he doesn't like his hair washed so it didn't do him any favors either.
But after that, we settled in for a good 'ole Derby and started picking our favorites. Obviously, we need to load Bug up and head to Vegas whereas 2 out of his 3 picks finished first. Not too shabby I must say.

Waiting for the start was kind of boring as you can see.

This guy didn't do too well. I wasn't heart broken - he is the one who slung mud on us.

Pickle eating contest was held between heats 2 and 3. Hmm....never seen one of those either. This guy with the mullet won it. I think the contest was unfair. He clearly had an advantage over the other contests. They didn't hold a candle to him. I wonder if his belly has stopped hurting yet.....

This car was cool - Mullets Gone Wild - was the name AND it was Orange & Blue (GATOR colors) so it was naturally a favorite for us.

The Po-Po car was cute too but also didn't do too well.

The little Toyota won the 2nd Heat. We surely didn't think that little car would hold up along side some of the larger and heavier cars. What we didn't factor in was how quick and agile this little car could be. He flew all around the place - sounded like a bumble bee.

This pink car won the 1st Heat. Of course, being a girl, I had picked it as my favorite.

So tonight they do it all again. Look around if you go, we may go back if we don't go to the Lake House!

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