Friday, June 20, 2008


I just wanted to give a big congratulatory shout out to my cousin, Napp. He, his wife Angela, kids Xylie & Zayden and little puppy Carleigh will be moving to Athens at the end of the Summer. He will be teaching at UGA. Oh my gosh! I know....what could he be feeling deep down right now.....he graduated with PhD in Political Science from University of Florida (GO GATORS) and now....well, he must go "lie amongst dawgs"! Watch out for fleas!! Hee hee hee
I couldn't resist it.
We love you guys!


Becoming Me said...

You crack me up! Too funny. Thank you for the congrats~

Dr. N said...

Thanks DK. We'll be close enough that you can come visit, or even help us unload the u-haul (hint hint).