Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tooth drama - over

Well, I certainly hope so. It has been way too much drama for me (and that must be A LOT because I am often noted as a Drama Queen).
Doc took me in on Thursday at 1:00 and he and his assistant worked diligently up until almost 4:30. They were able to complete the root canal and do some core buildup thing and through many processes over the course of all the hours - I have a very lovely temporary crown. It is really nice. If the gums weren't all bruised and swollen - no one would be able to guess which tooth is "fake". I do have another fake tooth - well half a fake tooth. It was done very well also. It is one of my front teeth and no one has ever noticed it without me pointing it out.
So the permanent crown will be here in June and he will put that on then. The Dentist is not my regular one but he sure has impressed over the course of this whole ordeal. I heard one of the hygienists working with a little 3 year old girl on Thursday. It was so sweet how she explained everything and gave fun names for all the instruments. It was apparent she had a flair for working with little kids.
My gums are still very tender so I suppose I won't be chomping down on much this weekend and that is okay I suppose. I can certainly "live off the fat of the land" for a few more days! But they do feel much better today as compared to yesterday so we should be good to go pretty soon.


ursula said...

I am glad that things are better now. I know that how NOT fun that mess is and I am glad it is alost over :)

Becoming Me said...

I'm glad things are improving.