Thursday, May 8, 2008

The little things that will drive me to insanity.... no particular order:

* Drivers that drive at a reasonable speed in the 4 lane but once the road narrows back to 2 lane, they drive 15 mph slower.
* Not using blinkers on your car.
* Folks who stand in line at a store and wait until EVERYTHING is scanned, bagged and totaled before they locate their money.
* People who leave their buggies (yes, buggy, I am from the South) in the parking lot instead of returning them to the designated areas.
* People who call back our work main line number and say "This number is on my caller ID. Who needed to talk to me?"
* Cashiers that don't look or speak to me during the entire point of sale transaction - much less tell me "Thank You"
* Drive thru window workers (at fast food restaurants) who DON'T give you ANY napkins.

Those are just a few!


Ursula said...

Oh my gosh... I just called a number back the other day that was on my cell phone and it was an office :) oops :)

Many of those things you listed bug me but I KNOW my list is even longer :)

Becoming Me said...

LOL....Very funnY!