Sunday, May 18, 2008

LONG day but a GOOD day

Well, the garage sale went pretty good yesterday. I was surprised though. Many things that I just knew would sale easily didn't sale at all. And the tons of clothes that I had that I thought would be left to donate to charity sold like hot cakes. I remember now at last year's yard sale (the previous yard sale I had when I said I wasn't going to have another one.....) Bug's clothes sold really well. Monty said Bug woke him up a bit after 7 yesterday morning and said "people outside Daddy". I suppose he had walked into the kitchen and heard us out there in the garage. This sale was a lot easier this time. I did the garage sale thing versus the yard sale thing. I had everything put out in the garage and shut the door down Friday night. Then Saturday morning, I woke up, brushed my teeth and hair, slapped on some clothes and pushed the garage door button. It was MUCH better than dragging out all the "junk" while folks riffled through it. That is a nightmare.

So immediately after the sale concluded, we packed up our boat and headed to Lake Seminole. Friends of ours were camping there for the weekend and we decided to zip over with the boat and hang out for the rest of the day. Bug had such fun with the kids. This group always proves to be interesting. For one, there are 2 kids that share the same name. Lane and Laine. (sigh) Poor Laine....I wonder what she thinks know, as I am screaming in the most polite Mommy tone to my 2 1/2 year old wild child to do or not to do something. We try to call him Bug and her Lu-Lu, that way, less confusion.
We arrived and all piled into the boat and went for a joy ride. The kids loved it. Of course Bug was sitting up with his Daddy assisting in driving the boat and I got to hang with Laine and her Mommy in the back whereas Jackson and his Daddy were up front. Ahhh....girl time. It was great!!

Then we hooked up the tube and went for rides. Bug didn't ride today. I am not sure why although I have to hunches. 1) Laine became very interested in the driver's seat on the boat - Bug was NOT HAPPY about it. Bug is very good at sharing 98% of all he has. There are a few things he is a complete and total B-R-A-T about. Driver's seat of the boat falls in the 2%. I think he was somewhat concerned she may wind up driving while he was tubing. 2) Bug had a little incident in the water. He is accustomed to water that deepens gradually instead of dropping off suddenly. Needless to say I am extremely thankful he had his life vest on that kept him on top of the water when his feet couldn't reach anymore.

After all the boating, we hung out at the camper. They have a really nice camper so it was lots of fun for adults and kids. It was funny to see the temperment of the kids decline and the onset of meltdowns come out. However, I must brag on all three - there was never a meltdown. We danced around a few with close calls but they were really good troopers. Jackson and Lu-Lu were without a nap for the day so I must especially brag on them.

Enough yapping - we all had a great time. We always have good times with this couple and their children. Here are some pics.

Jackson and Laine - aren't they cute???

The 3 Amigos!!

Jackson and his Daddy tubing.

Laine and her Daddy tubing.

Delanna tubing.

Hanging at the playground inside the campground. Aren't Laine's curls the cutest?? I must admit when I saw her little pink toenails yesterday it tugged at my heart.


arosengart said...

Sounds like a fun day but makes me tired just reading it!!

Delanna said...

We had a great time too! Laine and Jackson loved seeing themselves on the blog!