Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Monty!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Monty. Happy Birthday to you! And many more!!!!

Well, today is Monty's 37th Bday and here are 37 random things about him that I love.

1. His smile - he doesn't show it off to everyone but it is really cute.
2. Curly locks of hair - they are very handsome.
3. He is a wonderful son to his Mother.
4. He will pump the gas in my truck for me so I don't have to do it.
5. He is very smart and loves Biology, Chemistry, Physics - all that stuff I never liked. But it is interesting to hear about from him.
6. Ant beds - ugh - he keeps them treated so we don't have any in the yard.
7. Love it when he washes my truck for me.
8. He always thanks me when I cook dinner - even if it is something crummy.
9. A man who is not afraid to wear pink is a MANLY MAN - and that is a great color for Monty.
10. He looks cute with a Kool Aid mustache (not everyone can pull that look off).
11. He kills spiders for me - even in the middle of the night if I am up tinkling and see one in the corner of the bathroom (now, THAT is love, right??).
12. He knows all the words to Caddy Shack movie(okay, that can sometimes be annoying but I do love it most of the time).
13. He is good with kids.
14. He is very athletic and good at all sports.
15. He loves to take me and Bug out for ice cream at DQ.
16. He has been known to make a quick trip to the store for "girly" supplies before.
17. He will surprise me with a pedicure certificate from time to time for no special reason.
18. He loves to watch old Andy Griffith shows.
19. He has always helped change dirty diapers.
20. He takes the trash out to the street every week and I never have to worry about it.
21. He waters my plants for me.
22. He always wants to drive so that gives me the opportunity to sleep when we travel.
23. He packs his own lunches.
24. He cuts fresh flowers for me from our yard.
25. I never have to put together any of Bug's toys (some assembly required - huh!) - he always does it.
26. I never change light bulbs.
27. He usually cleans our base boards in the house once a month.
28. He leaves reminder notes for me on things I need to remember.
29. I never have fill the bird feeder - he does that for us.
30. He rides Bug around on the go kart and I don't have too.
31. Sets up all electronic things - I am not really inclined to do it.
32. He can take care of Bug single handed when I have to travel (for up to 5 days).
33. He went to most of Bug's well care appointments when he was little so he could participate in asking questions.
34. He has a keen sense of direction.
35. He is really good at gluing things back together.
36. He is a great friend to his buddies.

and last but not least...

37. He loves me unconditionally and sometimes that is not an easy thing to do.

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Monty!!