Friday, May 16, 2008

Lane - the Golfer

So, I thought all the golfing activity would dwindle as the week progressed. But something about it has really stuck with LaneBug. He comes home every afternoon from school and wants to play golf.

Now realize, I don't think he is the next Tiger Woods or anything like that. However, I must be truthful and tell you that it is really astonishing to see how much he has improved in the last few weeks. He will now stand at the ball all poised and line his putter up with it before he hauls back and whacks it. That is a vast improvement from the beginning where he would just run and hit the ball while it was still moving. So I guess watching the TPC did improve his game a little.

Also realize, I am a country girl and some things will never change. This is our indoor "putting green" for Bug. hee hee hee It is pretty redneck looking at first glance but once you get past all the initial one liners that come to your mind, it is a sweet little set up I think.
You have to look close - I have never claimed to be a good photographer - my picture is a little dark (to say the least) but there is an orange ball headed down the hall right for the "hole"!!
A closer look at the "hole".......yep,
those are a pair of Monty's work boots. Lane wanted "a hole" to hit the golf ball in. There again, another improvement from watching all the TPC last week. Before the hole was never a priority for him. do put a hole for golf in your house??? Well, you think outside the "hole" and put some big ole heavy boots at the end of the hallway for him to hit towards. It seems to have worked. Bug will go get Monty's boot out of his closet each night and set them up. And this morning, I had to laugh. Monty wore these boots pictured off to work. Lane and I were being lazy and taking it slow this morning in getting him ready for school (I am off today) and while I was showering, he went and got another pair of Monty's boots for his hole since the usual ones were gone.
Maybe Lane will continue his interest in golf. I am not sure he will be as serious as my favorite golfer, Phil Mickelson though. I remember during one tournament the announcers told the story of how he ran away from home at the age of 3 years old because his Father was going on a weekend golf trip and wouldn't take him! LOL Now, that is seriously LOVING GOLF!!
So, just to conclude my previous post on the TPC, for those of you who don't follow golf, Sergio Garcia won the TPC. Only after a playoff though. It was so funny, when Phil gave him the trophy, Sergio's speech began with thanking Tiger Woods....for not playing the tournament because it made it a lot easier for him to win it. BTW, Tiger is out due to knee surgery.
Later Alligators!

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