Saturday, May 10, 2008

Learning New Things

I love to learn about new things - kind of nerdy, huh? Well, whatever it is, I still like it. Before I dated and married Monty, I had never watched know....on TV. It seemed really boring the first few times I watched it with him. But we were dating and all IN LOVE so I watched more for that reason than any other. But it started to perk my interest. Of course, I found the underdog and became his biggest fan.

Enter - Phil Mickelson - the famed Lefty of PGA Tour. Here is a picture of him trying to get out of a bunker....a place he finds himself often.

So this weekend is The Players Championship at Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach. And (to me) this course is the absolute coolest. Now the Masters is steeped in history and that is really neat too. But as far as the course itself - TPC is THE BEST!! The famous 17th Hole is pictured below.

Yep, that is it. You hit off the tee and HOPE your ball lands on this green (island) and once it gets there you then HOPE it does not roll off. These greens are like carpet - man that little ball will just roll forever on them. So needless to say, the players have a L-O-N-G walk from the 16th to 17th hole. I wish they could hook them up on a heart monitor as they approach the 17th tee. It would be interesting to see the heart palpitations!! On Friday's round, it took Phil about 2 1/2 minutes before he would tee off. He was just looking at what lay before him - even the reigning champ from 2007 is very intimidated on this hole.

But he finally smacked it and all was good.

I am still rooting for Phil but right now he is about 13th and about 5 shots from the leader. Anything can happen. Maybe all those ahead of him will hit some double and triple bogeys today and if he can keep it together he could be up in the lead.....maybe.
BTW, I suppose Lane is now interested in golf also. We have been watching each night and last night he told Monty after his bath that he wanted to watch golf. Isn't that cute?? He already knows about birdies, bogeys and bunkers. You know, we are reinforcing the important stuff early on - we will start work on numbers 11-20 and finish memorizing the ABC's after golf season is over and before college football starts back up. LOL

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Becoming Me said...

You are so fun. How neat that you like golf now.