Saturday, April 26, 2008

One week from today....

....and Relay will be behind me! Oh my, just the thought of it makes me giddy. That sounds awful now that I read it but it is just I am a cronic "worrier". Oh I worry about everything - you got a problem? Tell me; I'll worry about it for you. So naturally with being the Chair for the County Relay - I got a lot of things looming over me. Some are handled and squared away. Others.....well, let's say I am working on those little matters. But all in all, I think we (me and my committee) are looking pretty good. So today I just starting thinking - WOW - this time next week - the worrying will be over. I will be exhausted, but the worrying will be over.
Here are a few pictures from the parades this week.
Bug waiting for the Bud Parade to start Thursday.
This is from the big parade last night. Bless Lane's heart - he is smiling and saying "CHEESE" so much that his eyes are closed in the picture. Oh well, I always smile so big you can see 2 inches of my gums so I can't throw stones. Also, note the little chair beside me with his Veggie Tale Pirates sitting in it......wanna take a stab at what he threw a fit about at the Bud Parade the night before???? Yep, wanted his own chair to sit in. Of course, I brought it to the big parade.....that's right, never sat in the stupid thing one time. ***sigh*** I keep telling myself, one day I will miss these days.
How cool is this??? The Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo!
The Clydesdales from Pebble Hill.

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