Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rainy Day

Hello - it is a perfect rainy day here. Perfect because I was not feeling overly motivated anway so I can just kind of piddle around the house and do odd ball things that I wouldn't normally do. I feel kind of funky today anyway. So - that is why I dubbed it a perfect rainy day. Only not so good thing about it is my little curtain climber doesn't do well indoors for extended periods of time. Luckily the showers start and stop and he can get outdoors in between them.

Here is a picture from about an hour ago. Lane loves to move the furniture around. I know we have wood floors and it is easy to slide it but I am still impressed that he can move a chair with ease. He is such a little ox!
Of course, he decided to re-arrange again so he could kick back and watch some Veggie Tales. What a life!!!
Well, he just brought me his plate - I made pigs in a blanket. All the pigs are gone and all the blankets remain. ***sigh****
Have a great day!


Becoming Me said...

He is such a hoot.

Ursula Page said...

aaaaaaaaawww.... he looks so cute on that chair!!!!