Friday, April 25, 2008



Just a quick post with mainly pictures. Did I mention that Relay is one week from today??? I am ready to do it! There are so many things left to do but I am such a worrier by nature that I am exhausting myself worrying about them. Lovely trait.....I need to work on day.....when I have time.
So here are a few random pictures.

Lane playing at the Lake last weekend.

Lane driving the boat.

The boys getting ready to take the boat out.

Lane mixing up some YUMMY muffins.

One of my friend's little boy with Dixie the pot bellied pig. Yep, we met up at a Pig Kissing earlier this week....gotta post some action photos from that. It was pretty funny. It was a Relay fundraiser.

Anyway, gotta finish getting dressed for work.

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