Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bug and Xylie - Fast Friends

My cousin's daughter is in GA (down from SC) this week for a visit. Since Lane was feeling crummy over the weekend, today is the first time he has seen her. We met Xylie and her Nanny and Gramps at a local restaurant. Gee whiz, I think they were with each other a total of 30 seconds before they started playing chase and laughing and playing. It was too cute. Luckily we dined at the tables outside on the porch of the restaurant so the playing continued with a smidgen of eating here and there.

Finally, they had eaten enough and we left for the Park. Since the day was so gorgeous, it followed into the evening hours too and they played in the sand, fed the ducks and played on the playground equipment. Aside from a couple of shovel and pail incidents, the evening was flawless. They really had a great time. We were all sad when the sun finally set and the mosquitos came out in full force because it was time to say Goodbye.

Here is the only picture I took. My camera battery went KERPLUNCK on me - ugh! I have taken so many pictures in the last week for Relay and I never thought to recharge the battery. Aunt Suz snapped some pics with her camera. Hopefully she will email those to me and I will post them later.

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Becoming Me said...

So precious. I'm glad my girl is having such a good time and that she and Bug made fast friends. I am really missing her.