Sunday, April 20, 2008

Catching Up

Hello - so sorry to be out of pocket again for a week. But, honestly, it will be this way until after Relay on May 2nd. It seems all of my free time is used for planning and getting ready for it. But after that, I should be much better at posting regularly again.

So, Bug's double ear infection didn't clear up entirely. We finished our round of meds on Wednesday and Friday night, the fever was back. So we went to the Doctor on Saturday AM instead of the 5K walk. We have the "mac daddy" of antibiotics now - so the Doc says - and hopefully this will clear up the stubborn right ear.

This week was good - Whispers of Hope Ladies group meeting on Tuesday night (we are re-organizing some of our projects), Mission Friends Wednesday night, our Survivor Dinner for Relay was Thursday night (it was WONDERFUL!!) and Friday night, me and Bug and one of my Committee Members went to Tift County Relay event. It was really cool to see another Relay. Of course, it is essentially the same but subtle differences are there. We hope to tweak our Relay over the next few years to make it easier to execute and more enjoyable for those attending. We stayed until the Luminary Service and got lots of great ideas and saw where we had things different that was better than what they had. And I must brag on LaneBug - he was wonderful. He was very patient through all the tent judging we had to do (it took about an hour) and he loved running around and playing outside. Everyone there was SUPER friendly. There was one team in particular that I just fell in love with. It was a team organized for a boy (now 11 years old) who was diagnosed with cancer at 15 months. He is now 8 years cancer free!! Their tent was "Victory Lap" and they had a real race car there. The boy was so cute - blond hair and blue eyes. They were really nice folks. I would have loved to stay and chat with them more. Another team was organized for a Mother of 3 who is a 20 year cancer survivor. They had raised over $16,000 this year. WOW. AMAZING. She decided to pursue nursing after her diagnosis. She had 2 more children after chemo. It was such an amazing story - so much courage.

Well, gotta run now and finish cleaning. Bug is down for a nap and I need to "make hay while the sun shines" so to say. He has been kind of icky and fussy today so maybe after this nap he will be doing better. I'll post some pictures later tonight. I downloaded over 100 picture from my camera yesterday. I have some from last week's birthday party we attended through our visit to the Tift County Relay plus there are some SUPER cute pics from a local Mini Relay at a church preschool.

Bye-bye for now!

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Becoming Me said...

You need to slllloooowwww down girl and take some DKay time. :-) I hope you have a fabulous week. Give my baby girl a kiss for me.