Saturday, April 12, 2008

Where's DKay?

Oh, she's still here!! Sorry to be MIA for the week. It has been a crazy one. Lane was sick on Monday (double ear infection) and then Relay for Life kept me very busy on Tuesday. Wednesday, I had to catch up on my work for work. Thursday - back to Relay stuff again. And Friday, well, I had to do work for work again! GRACIOUS!

So, speaking of Relay for Life, you got to come out if you aren't already planning. It is Friday, May 2nd at the County School Stadium across from McDonald's. Opening ceremony is at 6:00 and the Luminary Service is at 9:00. My cousin's hubby (Amanda Faye) Brian will be there with the band he is in - he is the drummer. The name of the band is Mahogany Moon. You can find them on MySpace. I have their link somewhere - I'll find it and post it later. They are a Southern Rock band with some of their own songs. I am excited to have them come join us this year.

So, not much to time to blog today. I need to run some errands while Bug and his Daddy are gone right now. Lane has a birthday party later today and he is looking forward to that as I am too.

I'll leave you with a few snapshots.

Lane is getting pretty good at stacking his blocks!

Lane was helping his Daddy get the boat cleaned up
last weekend.

This is a picture of the boys "racing" in the cul-de-sac the other night.....not sure who was having the most fun....the tall one or the short one....


Becoming Me said...

I love the bond those two have. Cute pix.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna Kay,
can you believe I posted a comment! I know, I know you are so impressed! I am WOWED by your page. Where do you find the time?

Amanda said...

How are you? I really enjoy your blogs and especially your pics. See you soon!