Saturday, August 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

Yeah, I know. It is a scary title coming from me. I am aware! Monty left town yesterday for a "big boy's weekend" so Lane and I have stirred up trouble since then. LaneBug immediately noticed the boat was gone last night when we got home - LOL. He demanded to know where it was when I tried skirting the question. He wasn't too happy to know it was in the water at the "big boy's weekend" but loosened up a bit when I explained we would be boating on Sunday afternoon. He has whimpered and cried for Monty a few times. Keep in mind it was either nighttime or I was spanking him.....go figure! He always wants his Daddy at night. He will literally tell me to "get out" of his bed. Jeez...that's a great feeling - NOT!
So we went to eat at Mr. Chick tonight with our good friend Ms. Jessica before heading down to Tally town to do a little shopping. I almost choked on my food from laughing though. We were sitting there eating and Jess was chatting away. I picked up the squeeze ketchup to give Bug some more "dip dip" and it made...well, you was squeeze ketchup so it made a funny sound. Without skipping a beat, LaneBug said "Excuse me" and kept right on eating. Jess & I just howled. I guess all the good manners we are teaching are starting to kick in. Oh well, if you aren't laughing, then I guess you had to be there because I still get tickled when I think about it.
Speaking of eating, Lane is FINALLY up to almost the 40th percentile in weight. For those of you spend ample time with me, you know I stress on this daily. The fact that he will be 3 in November and a size 18 month swim suit fits his waist perfectly does tend to make me obsess. His height is still good - bumping around 75-80 percentile. He ate a huge dinner on Friday night (for his standards) 4 Chick-fil-a nuggets, the fries that came with the kids meal AND a small fruit cup. I was amazed. He never eats that much at a sitting. Of course, I once worried about all the fried chicken he eats but then thought about all the Cheerios he scarfs down and decided his cholesterol was most likely even-steven between the two factors.
So anyway, I guess I will go to bed. I have been sleeping like crap-o-la all week. Hope it is just because of this stinking full moon and will pass in the next day or so.

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