Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sorry to be MIA again. It seems be a trend this Summer. So anyway, not much to tell of late.

Bug has developed a really bad habit of getting out of the bed about 20-25 times each night before staying in it and falling asleep. No joke - it is about 45 minutes of constant warfare to get his booty in the bed for good. Of course, first thoughts are bungee cords or duck tape but you know, DFACS frowns upon such as that......so I think we found the solution. Tear up our season football tickets. That's right. I told him if he didn't stay in the bed; we wouldn't go to the football game Friday night. It seemed to sink in pretty good. He only got up one time and he was quick to announce to Monty that he wanted more milk in his cup and wanted to still go to the football game. I hope this works. It is really just a bad habit that he has developed over the last few weeks so maybe this will nip it.

Tropical Storm Fay thoughts....well, I had to eat some words on that one. I think my line was "Oh these weather folks are just dying to talk about something because we have had such a dry spell. They are blowing this WAY OUT of proportion." OK, so maybe they didn't. It seemed logical. I certainly didn't think we would get 18 inches of rain over the weekend. Yeah, the weekend I went to Panama City Beach with some girlfriends. Poor Monty and Lane....they braved it all their own. And they did a great job. I think it got pretty hairy when Bug locked Monty out of this car Saturday night and Monty had to stand in the driving rain for about 10-15 minutes to get him to unlock it. I think Monty gave him a good 'ole "Benadryl Cocktail" when they got home. Can't say I blame him. I would have done the same thing.

Hmmm....in re-reading my post I have mentioned duck taping/bungee tying my child down to his bed and administering sleep aid medication. I think that is enough for one post. Let me sign off before someone calls DFACS on me.


Becoming Me said...

You are a riot.

Anonymous said...

Poor Lane... all those "falls" this weekend, sleep meds, duct tape, cords... let me get the phone book out!!!!