Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday is OVER!

Y'all, I know I am a complete Drama Queen. In fact, one of my best friends ever has referred to me as such since she has known me. But let me tell you, yesterday was one of those days where you just want to find a fast moving bus.....and step in front of it. You know what I mean. We have all been there right?? Come on - don't be one of those folks who are always so stinking happy and perky! Man, no one believes all that anyway. Just shake your head agree, ok.
So the day started out running behind with taking LaneBug to daycare. Somehow I managed to walk into work before the 01 hit behind the 8 AM. Then I dove head first into the work I left at about noon on Saturday when I worked. My head was hurting but I didn't stop to take any medicine. Then it is almost 1:30 and I realize I haven't eaten. Of course, I had drank 2 Diet Cokes (can you say a-d-d-i-c-t-i-o-n) and put nothing on my stomach to soak up all of that caffeine. And by the way, my head was hurting much worse at this point. But still didn't take the time to grab some Advil or Motrin. So I nabbed a bag of peanut M&Ms out of the machine at work and munched those down while sipping on my 3rd Diet Coke. Yeah, great idea DK, throw another caffeinated drink and some sugar on a raging headache - GOOD ONE! So fast forward through all the work stuff (yucky) and I wind up logging off to leave at 6:00. Poor Monty, I had to call him in the field and ask him to not work late because I needed to. So, I get in the truck to leave and I have that cold sweaty thing working for me. Yeah, not looking good whereas my head is thumping like crazy. I had to just sit in the truck with the ice cold air blowing on me with my eyes closed for about 10 minutes before I could drive. I ran to CVS and grabbed some medicine and came home. Luckily my boys were outside playing. I warmed up leftovers for Lane (Monty had to grab his own) and sat with my eyes shut for almost an hour and asked everyone to talk really soft. It eased off good enough to tolerate my eyes being open again and I made it through to bedtime. Of course, Bug didn't want to get in his bed and stay in bed...ugh! But finally we all went to bed.
This morning, my head is still hurting and it is sore from last night too. But I have already taken some Advil and will follow up with more later. And I plan to EAT today too. Hopefully, I will grab some water instead of all the Diet Coke and avoid all that mess again tonight. I haven't had a full blown migraine since July 2003. Man, that was nasty!! I still remember Monty driving home from Bainbridge with me hanging out the window crying and puking. Obviously last night was not that bad but it was the closest I have been to it in a long time. I am not a migraine expert so if I ain't puking and can have my eyes open, then it is a really bad headache and not a migraine to me.
Well, enough whining huh? Today is going to be great!!!

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