Monday, August 11, 2008

Florida Jam details

So, leaving off from G'ville post, we hopped back in the Yukon and zipped on down to Land O' Lakes to see all our Moomba friends. After one gi-normous melt down at a restaurant (good grief, I thought someone would have called the cops), we went to Laurie's house to see everyone. They have a pool so the kids were having a great time. My nerves were shot out pretty good because Bug only knows one speed - wide open - even though he is sprinting on slippery pool decking. LaneBug and Tanner loved petting the dogs too. God bless those doggies,they were so patient with 2 two year olds.

We got to bed around 11:00 and then up at 7:45 - ready to hit the water. The weather was a bit tempermental during the AM hours. You can see the clouds here. But we didn't let it dampen our spirits too much. At lunch, the clouds disappeared and gave way to a gorgeous Florida afternoon.

And right after lunch was RAFFLE time! See all the boards they had to give away??? Man, everyone was itching to get through the raffle to see who would take home those beauties.

We didn't come home with one of those (and that is okay, Monty just bought a new one) but we did come home with this little jewel - a new pad for our swim platform!! This saved us about $300 because we needed a new one! And here is LaneBug, patiently waiting for his raffle ticket number 3100003 to be called.

Well, it didn't get called. So when Dave finished the raffle and I went up immediately and whispered to him that I didn't care what he gave Lane - a boat brochure would be just fine - he just needed to call out his raffle ticket number so he could come up and get a "prize". Well Dave obliged. Lane got a beach ball (he loved it) and he also got this poster to hang up in his room. I looked at Dave like he was crazy. All he did was laugh and say that Lane would keep it A LOT longer than he would the beach ball......I would tend to agree.....

Next was the Big Air contest. I guess I was too busy watching these teenager kids do those amazing tricks that I completely forgot to snap pictures. Man, they were really good. Our great friends Ed & Tammy (see pic below) let us pile up on their boat and they did some surfing.

Monty enjoyed surfing behind Ed's Moomba whereas he was 1400 pounds of water in "fat sacks" to produce a really awesome wake! I wish I had taken a picture of the wake itself. Good grief - it was massive.Then we went and participated in the "float-zilla" where all the boats anchored down and tied upt together for one big floating party. We came in kind of late some many boats had disbanded at this point.

Here is LaneBug "swimming". And that about wraps up our day. I will certainly miss all our Moomba friends and look forward to seeing them next year!

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Anonymous said...

Love it... I bet Monty likes that poster too!!!