Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ah, Football is ALMOST here

Hey Y'all,

We are back safe and sound! Whew, traveling is fun - fun to leave and fun to get back home too. Gee, we have so much to tell about our trip. I guess it is fair to start at the beginning and what I personally enjoyed SO MUCH - our stop in GAINESVILLE! Wow - this was my first time going to the stadium with it empty. Needless to say it is much different than when 90,000+ fans (no exaggeration, that is capacity and most games are sold out and there are plenty without tickets in the parking lot tailgating). Monty and I had differing opinions. I thought the stadium looked smaller without it filled with people and he said it looked bigger. Either way, it was good to be there and although the smell of bleach was strong - they were cleaning the concrete and the seats (you can tell it in the pictures whereas parts are clean and others are not) we sure did enjoy our visit. Also, it was odd to see the field "naked". The goal posts were not in and the lines were not drawn in either. Bug just chattered on and on about football players, helmets and tackles. Unfortunately, he is very much into tackling right now. And running the risk of sounding like a complete wimp I will state that it usually hurts. Bug has watched enough football games and DVD highlights to know the correct way of tackling and the incorrect way to tackle. So therefore, he latches onto your shoulders like grim death and doesn't budge until you are fully laid out on the floor. Of course, with the our height differences I am "standing" on my knees and not able to break my fall backwards too well. So, yeah, it hurts. I am kind of dreading flag football now. I think he will be ejected for tackling. So anyway, we walked all through the stadium and then went into the office where the coaches are located. The foyer has all the trophies and flat screens showing highlights. You can navigate which years and games you want to watch. It was funny to stand there with complete strangers and watch the footage and celebrate all over again on the outstanding plays and wins. Of course Lane would remark in his timid voice (note sarcasm here) "OOHH that hurt", "Oh man, fumble", "TOUCHDOWN". My Dad was so impressed - a few months ago we were out at the farm and Lane would "stop play" when he dropped the ball. He told my Dad it was a fumble. The look on my Daddy's face was priceless. He was amazed he knew so many of the rules on the game.

So, here are some pictures. Enjoy!
The boys were excited....they were traveling at a good pace!
Here is the view when we stepped in! (Florida Field originally was built below ground level so when you enter there is seating halfway below you and above you)

My handsome boys - please bear with the crack smoking camera woman - the picture is whoop sided.
Bug standing at the field looking over the wall. He wouldn't let me hold him so he could see over it better.

Still don't know why Bug didn't sprint across the grass and cause us to be detained. But whatever the reason, I am thankful. He posed by the gate and we moved along without any problems.

My baby boy standing in the tunnel where the players run out at the home games. This gave me chill bumps (corny, yes I realize) but it was unreal to think about all the players and coaches who had stood right where we were. Of course, Monty says this is the picture ESPN will show as they run stories on LaneBug before one of his games at UF.....time will tell.

The view as you are standing at the tunnel. Pretty cool, huh? I thought so.

I tell ya, Bug was nervous at first. He wouldn't completely turn his back to the gator for the picture. It was really cute.

I guess maybe because this gator was smaller he wasn't as concerned? Not sure but he wasn't nervous at all to pose with this one.

BTW, the Florida Jam was completely awesome. I won one of the big prizes. And it was something we were going to buy this winter - so it was perfect! Also, Bug and Daddy made out with some cool stuff. What until you see Lane' me, he will keep this one for years!!
I'll post that tomorrow!

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