Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ahhh....and tomorrow is Thursday and the next day is FRIDAY. Good grief! I can hardly wait. Why is it that some days you have 0% productivity level? I can't understand the phenomenon but I do know it exists. I admit....part of the day, I didn't want/care if I got anything accomplished. Then when I did become concerned (just a smidgen), all I did was run in circles. But alas, tomorrow is a new day and I am certain I will hit the ground running and pump on all cylinders. I think part of the problem are the Olympics. I am staying up later these evenings than I normally do.
Anyway, off to Wednesday night activities at church. I have a fingerpaint activity for the class tonight. Need I remind you I teach 2 year olds......and it is raining.......pray for me.

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