Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friday is almost here

Hey guys, well, Friday is almost here. I will be leaving my boys tomorrow to head up to Atlanta to attend Relay University. I absolutely love Relay U. It is such an inspiring and enriching experience. I get the "chicken skins" (goose pimples) about a gazillion times each year. It is so amazing to meet others who share your passion for such an amazing organization. This year is special whereas our County was asked to tour the Hope Lodge in Atlanta. I am super excited about it. I have heard quite a few testimonials from Survivors about how wonderful their stays were at Hope Lodges. It will be wonderful to see it first hand. I feel very honored to be invited as a special guest. I'll head back into town late Saturday, love on my boys and then start cooking for our Family Reunion on Sunday. Gee.....I think I'll have to go into work on Monday and get some rest after this busy weekend! *wink*
Well, gotta get the curtain climber into bed and start packing.
Have a great weekend!!!

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