Saturday, October 11, 2008

Football Highlights

well, last night was our usual - we went to the Tville High football game. I actually felt kind of sorry for the team we were playing. We were beating them really bad. At the half, our friends Marty, Darlene, Tanner & Dawson came up to see us. Lane had been walking back and forth to them during the game some. The crowd was really slim due to Fall break and the Fair going on. It was very nice if you ask me. I enjoyed the slimmer crowds.

So the gang came up and the boys played, played, played. Dawson & Tanner liked LaneBug's "football" helmet (baseball helmet turned around backwards) a lot. Lane was gracious and shared. Here are some snapshots with everyone wearing the all fashionable "football helmet"!

Dawson pulled it ALL the way down. Very incognito!

Well, off to get ready for the Fly In - that should be a fun day. Lane really enjoyed it last year.

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Becoming Me said...

ADORABLE pictures. He is soooo cute!