Thursday, October 9, 2008

Derby Night

Well, another Demolition Derby under our belts. WOW - this makes 2 now. I still get highly anxious when all the cars are revving their engines and crashing into one another. But it is fun to watch. A lot of the folks in attendance are pretty entertaining too.....

So here are a few snapshots. And look - we had a friend sit behind us and he snapped a picture of ALL THREE OF US. We can put this with the literal handful of snapshot pictures we own with all of us in them.

Yeah, so I smell like cigarette smoke, my ears are ringing and my contacts are so dried out and brittle right now that it is pitiful. I am heading to bath and bed!

FYI, Lane didn't know Mr. Courtney - the man who took our picture - that is why he has that really odd look about him.

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Anonymous said...

This was our was fun. I stooped to the crowds level and April and I had a hoopin hollern contest! Lane would've looked at us crazier than Mr. Courtney!And going back to church, "dude Blease, your mom is weird". ;o)